WhiteHat Jr reviews: Best Coding Class for Kids, is it?

A bright future for kids can begin right at an early age! Suppose your kids are good at coding, and you aspire for their bright career in the IT industry. In that case, you should go in for WhiteHat Jr. I am quite sure while searching for the best online learning platform for kids, you may have already come across WhiteHat Jr reviews, they offer coding classes for kids between age of 6-14 years. Many advertisers are promoting WhiteHat jr., whether you are impressed or not, but the claims made by these online coding classes for kids work actually.

Along with WhiteHat Jr., there are many free online coding classes mentioned in our blog post on best coding classes for kids for 2021. According to the google trend reports, we have analyzed them based on the user search volume; further, those platforms were evaluated based on the reviews from consumer feedback platforms. Accordingly, from Whitehat Jr reviews, it tends to be one of the leading platforms that provide live coding classes.

Also, there are many other free coding platforms where anyone can learn, but not everyone can become knowledgeable with just self-paced learning. Especially when it comes to kids, you need to contextualize, hold their hands to help them understand. This is where Whitehat Jr fits in; the classes are live with one-to-one interaction between students and teachers; thus, teachers are the core of this program.

After long, careful speculation and reading many WhiteHat Jr reviews, we have finally come up with this informative post. Read this review before joining the White Hat Junior course.

What exactly is the WhiteHat Jr?

WhiteHat Jr is an online learning platform that provides 1:1 live coding classes for kids. Their curriculum has been specially designed for kids between 6-14 years of age. They can learn and practice various courses such as application development, games development, etc. They have divided their course structure from Beginner (Grade 1) to Applied Tech (Grade 10+) better to understand the course level suitable for your child. WhiteHat Jr. has teachers, not from the coding background generally but are specially trained for the courses they teach and capable enough to take care of their students’ difficulty level.

Is coding essential for Kids?

When I see my kid’s academic curriculum, it did not include any coding. I felt a huge gap between what is happening in the real world and what is taught in schools. According to BBC news, in 2030, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will touch 800 million jobs, the world will split into creators and consumers. Here comes into the picture online learning platforms like Whitehat Jr. they will make your kid ready for the future.

WhiteHat Jr Coding

There is no initial setup to start learning coding with WhiteHat Jr. classes. They have developed a platform where teachers and students can interact over a 1:1 video call class. The initial classes are completely image-based. This means the child doesn’t have to write the code but drag and drop the already written code. This gives an easy entrance into the coding world without having to worry about writing textual bases coding.  Though it is not like real coding, it will definitely be a good root support before moving on to setting up own coding environment and starting professional coding practices.

WhiteHat Jr reviews

WhiteHat Jr. does not only enable your kids to learn to code and make apps only. It is helpful in many other ways. Your kids learn loops, sequence, commands, and conditions that strengthen their logical and technical skills, as the result of which they begin to fare better in Mathematics.

Hence with WhiteHat Jr., you can expect your kids to get better Mathematics scores. Along with the benefit of getting technical skills, kids also use analytical skills and codes that could improve their power of reasoning and build up their confidence. Further merits include an increase in IQ levels, competitive and problem-solving attitude towards life.

Moreover, you can enroll for a free trial class, and if you are convinced enough with it, you can download WhiteHat Jr. App, make your kids signup, take a free trial class, and if satisfied, you can continue with the paid subscription.

They have several coding competition for kids. Anyone can participate most of the time, you don’t need to pay, but you need to have/create an account.

WhiteHat Jr reviews by parents

We have gone through various WhiteHat Jr reviews posted by parents on various well-known consumer review platforms like Quora.com, trustpilot.com, and mouthshut.com. Accordingly, 78% of parents (>1700) rated WhiteHat Jr as excellent on trustpilot.com, similarly at mouthshut.com, 95% of reviewers (>7700) recommended WhiteHat Jr.

However, there is some negative WhiteHat Jr reviews at Quora and trustpilot.com, mainly related to their comprehensive marketing strategy, which seems exaggerated and the teachers’ qualification. Regarding their marketing strategy, the parents don’t seem to be convinced that the six-year-old could learn programming/coding.

Kids learn faster than any grown-up adult. According to the news post from BBC.com, kids as young as five years of age can start coding and learning programming basics. In fact, coding for kids has gained popularity rapidly in recent years as technology becomes increasingly part of everyday life.

Teaching the kid at six years is not that easy, but with WhiteHat Jr, children can easily learn coding like a child’s play by just dragging and dropping codes for the toddlers. So, it might be only an opinion or an unfortunate experience of few parents that they found it difficult for their child.

Regarding teachers’ qualifications for being expert coders, the teachers below the 7th-grade teach some logics, which are a core part of programming. So I believe teachers not having coding experience can be suitable. However, to teach the kids above 7th grade need expertise in a programming language, and I vouch that the teachers teaching at the WhiteHat Jr. are industry experts that know how to train young minds. Also, the WhiteHat Jr. has a set curriculum that they follow and teach accordingly.

Is WhiteHat Jr Free? What Is the WhiteHat Jr pricing?

WhiteHat Jr. is not free, but yes, it has free trial classes, after which you have to pay. You can go for a paid subscription that ranges from USD 28 to USD 31 per class.

Though they do a lot of advertising, as mentioned in various WhiteHat Jr reviews, they provide paid classes, you can find their give away free introductory classes. You don’t need a credit card to join. The approximate price for classes can be found here, which range from US$ 249 to US$ 3999.

Discount links: WhiteHat Subscription

WhiteHat Jr Curriculum

WhiteHat Jr_curriculum_1
WhiteHat Jr_curriculum_2

White Hat Jr. reviews: WhiteHat Jr. Certifications

Many whiteHat Jr reviews have not mentioned about their certifications. Similar to the other kids’ coding platforms, their certification don’t serve much purpose other than encouraging them. It gives them a sense of achieving something good. At least they got exposure to something they had no idea about earlier at all. The certificates look simple. One reviewer from Quora.com, said that his close relatives’ daughter just completed 40 classes, and she got a certificate and business card kind; she was beaming with confidence and pride.

White Hat Jr. reviews: Recommendation For Parents

Allow your kids to enroll in a trial class before going for purchase; if your kids are enjoying and are inclined to learn computer languages or are interested in programming, I would recommend parents to go for a purchase. Moreover, WhiteHat Jr reviews are positive, as it has been appreciated by those who have used it.

With so many comforts at just one junction, WhiteHat Jr. is a clear-cut winner in the market and its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. Using WhiteHat Jr. is a very big and good opportunity for your kids as it improves logic, enhance your kid’s creativity and innovation power. WhiteHat Jr. is said to the best coding concept tutor available online.

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