90+ Best FREE Online Science Courses from Udemy

Udemy is the leading online learning platform according to our survey on the best online learning platforms for 2021, and as predicted from google search trends. Udemy has made some of the online science courses freely accessible; most of the courses belong to basic sciences, which can be useful for high school students/ teachers/ or those who want to clear basic concepts in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

We have made available those free online science courses in the list below. You can enroll in any of the free course and enjoy complete access to the video content; however, for getting a certificate of completion, instructor Q & A, and for instructor’s message, you will have to pay at the end of the course or at any time during the course. Otherwise, the course content is freely accessible.

Note: While the free online science courses were listed, they were freely accessible. It might be possible that some of the courses in the list are no more free of charge because they were on promotion when we listed them.

Links to Free Online Science Courses

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90+ Best FREE Online Science Courses from Udemy

Udemy has made available free online science courses. You can enroll in any of the free course and enjoy complete access to the video content.

Detailed List:

Note: Throughout the list, every course has been provided with the information as below:

1. Free Online Science Courses in Astronomy

Course Introduction: Join Prof. Chris Impey in this Astronomy for beginners course and learn about today’s amazing astronomical discoveries!

Course Introduction: Learn the VCE Physics Astronomy course through instruction, simulations and your own observations of the night sky.

Course Introduction: Find the answers to all your questions.

Course Introduction: Wonders of the HST

Course Introduction: Wonders of the HST

2. Courses in Bioinformatics

Course Introduction: Get an introduction to computational biology and learn what it takes to develop a research project

Course Introduction: Customize and expand the functionality of QGIS

Course Introduction: Take the first step into machine learning for bioinformatics with a step-by-step approach

Course Note: Please download the kaggle for the code.

3. Free Online Science Courses in Biology

Course Introduction: Get started growing healthy food by learning about aquaculture and aquaponics.

Course Introduction: Free Learning Courses Highlighting Current Science/Environment news & Endangered Animals.

Course Introduction: Would you like to be a citizen scientist? Learn how to survey wild seahorses to help seahorse conservation and research.

Course Introduction: A “revision notes” style course that allows you to gain understanding of some key topics covered in A-Level Biology.

Course Introduction: Mendelian Laws, Punnet Squares and Pedigree Charts, and Genetic Modification

Course Introduction: Learn all about structural biology and its fascinating applications to research, medicine, healthcare, and more!

Course Introduction: Explanations on anatomical, clinical aspects of jugular venous pulse.

Course Introduction: Fast-paced.

Course Introduction: Clear & Simple.

Course Introduction: A study on basics of reproduction in plants, animals and humans – English.

Course Introduction: A Beginner Friendly Biology Course Covering Biology Foundations and Basics.

Course Introduction: Human Skeletal System.

4. Courses in Biotechnology

Course Introduction: Helping you build the best foundation to truly understand medications and develop clinical reasoning skills

Course Introduction: Learn how to do a novel bioinformatics research project all on your computer! Great for high school students.

Course Introduction: Marine environment as a source of organisms and biomolecules of high biotechnological and pharmaceutical potential.

5. Free Online Science Courses in Chemistry

Course Introduction: An introductory course for anybody who wants to study chemistry – either towards future pathways or just for fun!

Course Introduction: A Deeper Understanding of the Backbone of Chemistry.

Course Introduction: Learn the mass transfer mechanisms and how to model them for further Mass Transfer Unit Operation Equipment Design.

Course Introduction: How to play safe in a research laboratory.

Course Introduction: Freezing point depression, boiling point elevation, osmotic pressure, Raoult’s law of volatile and nonvolatile solutions.

Course Introduction: Ditch the Flash Cards and Master Nomenclature 5 Minutes at a Time.

Course Introduction: Quickly memorize the elements with simple yet fascinating stories developed with advanced mnemonic chaining technique.

Course Introduction: Basic introductory course for anybody who want to learn main principles of chemistry-either for best future pathway.

Course Introduction: Learn Chemistry Like a Scientist. Course 1: The Fundamentals.

Course Note: Thermodynamics.

Course Introduction: Learn to name organic compounds.

Course Introduction: Electrochemistry.

Course Introduction: Classification of Elements.

Course Introduction: Covering a Wide array of different Concepts in Electrochemistry. This course has it all.

Course Introduction: Organic Chemistry in detail, with help of illustrative examples.

6. Courses in Computer Science

Course Introduction: Learn the fundamental topics of Computer Science and practice them for full mastery.

Course Introduction: Become an expert in image analysis: create powerful algorithms to detect features reliably and measure them accurately.

Course Introduction: Learn the fundementals of Quantum Computing.

Course Introduction: A problem solving approach.

Course Introduction: Learn how to improve the way you learn programming! Improve your learning capabilities, and acquire new ones.

Course Introduction: Introducing the Big World of Big Data For Athletes.

Course Introduction: Learn about P, NP, NP hard and NP complete problem.

Course Introduction: Learn Logic statements, logic circuit, truth tables in an easy way.

7. Courses in Agriculture and Environmental Science

Course Introduction: A guide to designing culverts for access roads and laneways supporting agricultural conservation projects.

Course Introduction: Water is such an important part of our lives and we need to increase our understanding of water in its natural setting

Course Introduction: A guide to designing at-grade, culvert and bridge crossings for animals and agricultural vehicles in NY.

Course Introduction: This course delves deeper into the first basic groundwater principles with a practical perspective.

Course Introduction: Air pollution-Causes, consequences, control measures and case studies.

8. Free Online Science Courses in Geography

Course Introduction: Creating hydrologic models of small watersheds for conservation bmps, leveraging the power of GIS, learn ARC GIS.

Course Introduction: Learn of the amazing Greek scientific history through sites and places you can still visit today.

Course Introduction: Automate GIS tasks with the QGIS Python (PyQGIS) API.

Course Introduction: This is the ultimate geology crash-course, you’ll learn about the magic of Earth’s inner workings concisely and easily.

9. Course in Microbiology

Course Introduction: Basic introductory course for anybody who want to learn main principles of chemistry-either for best future pathway.

10. Free Online Science Courses in Physics

Course Introduction: Physics Made Easy.

Course Note: A fun and easy way to boost your physics grades.

Course Introduction: The essential course for understanding the Mechanics of Heat.

Course Introduction: 11 ways to learn physics faster (AP Physics, physics 1, IIT JEE , NEET, high school, freshman engineering).

Course Introduction: Catch up with your class faster than you thought possible, and watch your grades soar!

Course Introduction: The Universe has an Origin Point.

Course Introduction: Biophysics and blood as the agent of change.

Course Introduction: A first step for beginning modern physics, this course contain Einstein summation convention and more…

Course Introduction: This introduction course to vectors and kinematics is suitable for interested students with good algebra skills.

Course Introduction: Current electricity, Alternating Current, Atoms.

Course Introduction: Measurement of Length, Mass, Time, Area and Volume.

Course Introduction: A basic understanding of the principles of RF/Microwave designs, components, test equipment and theory.

Course Introduction: Physics Ray Optics and Optical Instrument.

Course Introduction: Class 12 Physics Electric Charges and Fields.

Course Introduction: Vector algebra with MATLAB.

Course Introduction: Solid State Physics.

Course Introduction: Learn All the important concepts of Vectors in Physics in this course.

Course Introduction: Solve Real World Problems about Linear Motion.

Course Introduction: Motion in One Dimension.

Course Introduction: Learn all the important concepts of Electricity in this course.

Course Introduction: Selected methods and techniques used in marine biotechnology are presented.

Course Introduction: Learn all the important concepts of Kinematics in this course.

Course Introduction: States of Matter.

Course Introduction: Taught by veteran SpaceX Engineer Andrew Voss, this course introduces the basics of how rockets like the Falcon 9 fly.

Course Introduction: Physics Made Easy.

Course Introduction: Master Advance Topics of Physics.


Course Introduction: Learn about Sustainable and Renewable Energy to make a successful career in energy sector and save the environment.

Course Introduction: Physics Made Easy.

11. Free Personal Development Courses

Course Introduction: A Free Course on Designing Academic and Scientific Presentations. Learn how to transform and elevate your presentation!

Course Introduction: Learn how to design and analyze a great experiment you will be proud to present!

Course Introduction: Learn to think more critically about science by mastering the language we use to talk about science.

Course Introduction: Research Methodology.

Course Introduction: A toolset that will help make your thesis writing smooth and your thesis better!

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