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Who is a Data Analyst?

A data analyst is one who collects, processes, and performs statistical analyses of data. He or she can translate numbers and data into plain English in order to help organizations and companies understand how to make better business decisions.Who is a Data Analyst Edureka image Masters Program

Whether it is market research, sales figures, logistics, or transportation costs, every business collects data. A data analyst will take that data and figure out a variety of things, such as how to price new materials, how to reduce transportation costs, or how to deal with issues that cost the company money.

What does a Data Analyst do?

Data analysts ascertain how data can be used in order to answer questions and solve problems. They study what’s happening now to identify trends and make predictions about the future. They are like detectives, figuring out how things work and helping to make sense of it. It can be a creative, challenging, and rewarding career.

Data Analyst Edureka

Data analysts typically use computer systems and calculation applications to figure out their numbers. Data must be regulated, normalized, and calibrated so that it can be extracted, used alone, or put in with other numbers and still keep its integrity. Facts and numbers are the starting point, but what is most important is understanding what they mean and presenting the findings in an interesting way, using graphs, charts, tables, and graphics.

About the Program

You will learn Curated and led by industry experts, this program boasts of an exhaustive curriculum which has been determined by extensive mining on 500+ job descriptions across key job websites. Skills you get to master include Statistics concepts, Analytics programming languages like R, SAS, and Python, Data Visualization, and Reporting tools like Tableau, QlikView, and Machine learning techniques. These sets of this program at par from other short-term certifications and transform you into an expert Data Analyst.

There are 4 courses in this Data Analyst Master program:

  1. Statistics Essentials for Analytics.
  2. Data Analytics with R Certification.
  3. SAS Training and Certification.
  4. Tableau Training & Certification.

What you will learn from this course?

This master program will let you Learn Statistics, Exploratory Analysis, Data Visualization, Probability, Advanced SAS Procedures, Tableau, Bayesian Inference, Regression Modeling, Data Manipulation, Data Mining & 10 More Skills.

What is Edureka’s master programs?

This Masters Program is a structured learning path recommended by leading industry experts and ensures that you transform into an expert Data Analytics professional while making you learn the usage of tools such as R, SAS, Tableau, Python, Qlikview, Advanced Excel, Machine learning, etc. Individual courses are focused on specialization in one or two specific skills, however, if you intend to become a Data Analyst, then this is the perfect path you should choose:

Why should you enroll for a master’s program?

The data Analyst Masters Program has been curated after thorough research and recommendations from industry experts. The program equips students to fill the need for sophisticated expertise in varied domains such as IT, Consulting, BFSI, Telecom and Media, and in specializations such as data analysis, data modeling, data Visualization, extraction, transformation, etc. Edureka will be by your side throughout the learning journey.


1. Statistics Essentials for Analytics.

  • Module 1: Understanding the Data.
  • Module 2: Probability and its uses.
  • Module 3: Statistical Inference.
  • Module 4: Data Clustering.
  • Module 5: Testing the Data.
  • Module 6: Testing the Data.

2. Data Analytics with R Certification.

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Data Analytics.
  • Module 2 – Introduction to R Programming.
  • Module 3 – Data Manipulation in R.
  • Module 4 – Data Import Techniques in R.
  • Module 5 – Exploratory Data Analysis.
  • Module 6 – Data Visualization in R.
  • Module 7 – Data Mining: Clustering Techniques.
  • Module 8 – Data Mining: Association Rule Mining & Collaborative filtering.
  • Module 9 – Linear and Logistic Regression.
  • Module 10 – Anova and Sentiment Analysis.
  • Module 11 – Data Mining: Decision Trees and Random Forest.

3. SAS Training and Certification.

  • Module 1 – Getting started with SAS.
  • Module 2 – Processing and Integrating with the Data Step.
  • Module 3 – Customizing Datasets.
  • Module 4 – Advanced SAS Procedures.
  • Module 5 – Advanced Statistical Proficiency with SAS.
  • Module 6 – Optimization of variables and SAS ODS.
  • Module 7 – PROC SQL.
  • Module 8 – Using SAS Macros.

4. Tableau Training and Certification.

  • Module 1 – Data Preparation using Tableau Prep.
  • Module 2 – Data Connection with Tableau Desktop.
  • Module 3 – Basic Visual Analytics.
  • Module 4 – Calculations in Tableau.
  • Module 5 – Advanced Visual Analytics.
  • Module 6 – Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions in Tableau.
  • Module 7 – Geographic Visualizations in Tableau.
  • Module 8 – Advanced Charts in Tableau.
  • Module 9 – Dashboards and Stories.
  • Module 10 – Get Industry Ready.
  • Module 11 – Exploring Tableau Online.
  • Module 12 – In-class Project.


There are no prerequisites for enrollment to the Master’s Program. Whether you are an experienced professional working in the IT industry, or an aspirant planning to enter the world of Data Analyst, Masters Program is designed and developed to accommodate various professional backgrounds.

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