50+ Online FREE Courses with Certificates [Till June 2021]

What are the best free online certificate courses?

Last time we had brought to you 50+ free certificate courses from the Coursera which were valid till December 2020. This time again Coursera has made available about 50+ free online free courses with certificates. Usually, you will find many free courses on various online learning platforms, these courses are free and open to anyone with full access to the video lectures and assignments. However, you need to pay certain amount for getting a course completion certificate. Thus it isn’t easy to find courses where you can get the course completion certificate free of cost.

This post has listed online free courses with certificates available till the end of June 2021; you can pursue them and get the course completion certificate free of cost. They are free of cost, which doesn’t mean that they are not worth it. Honestly, if you see their organizers below and have a glance at their course enrollments, you could believe that they are really worth it.

Who is offering free certifications?

1. Amazon Web Services
2. American Museum of Natural History
3. Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company
4. Atlassian
5. California Institute of the Arts
6. Duke University
7. Emory University
8. Google Cloud
9. Imperial College London
10. Indian School of Business
11. Intel

12. Johns Hopkins University
13. McMaster University
14. Michigan State University
15. Peking University
16. Rice University
17. Saint Petersburg State University
18. The State University of New York
19. The University of Edinburgh
20. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
21. Università Bocconi
22. Universiteit Leiden

23. University of Cape Town
24. University of Colorado Boulder
25. University of Florida
26. University of Geneva
27. University of Houston
28. University of Michigan
29. University of Toronto
30. University of Virginia
31. VMware
32. Yonsei University

How can I get free certificates?

  • Register to Coursera.org
  • Login and select the desired course from the list below, I have selected a course from the category Ecology.
  • On the course page, please check the blue banner, it should say “Enroll today to earn a free certificate”
  • Click on the button “Enroll for Free”, and you are ready to go.
  • From one user account, you can enroll for only one free course and is eligible for a free certificate
  • Unfortunately, if you are visiting this blog post or are enrolling in the course after the date has passed, you can still pursue a course and get a certificate for FREE. This can be done by applying to the Coursera’s Scholarship Program.
free certificate course

Categories for the Online free Courses with Certificates

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II. List of Online Free Courses with Certificates from Coursera

Note: Throughout the list, every course has been provided with the information as below:

1. Arts and Humanities

2. Business and Communication

3. Computer Science

4. Data Science

5. Health / Medical / COVID-19 Courses

6. Ecology

7. Information Technology/ AWS/ Cloud computing

8. Language Learning

9. Personal Development / Skill management

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