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We welcome your comments on our web content or method of our course ratings that can help us to improve. Also, you can comment and rate individual course on the respective course page.
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If you want us to list any course that you find interesting and worth it, kindly let us know.


We welcome advertisements for Webinars or individual courses, irrespective of the e learning platforms listed on our websites.

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If you are interested to joins us on our campaign to review and promote online courses, kindly contact us.

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We are looking for a collaboration and require expertise in the following fields:

I) Content writer

Shortlist the best free/affordable courses and publish them from time to time in the form of a blog post. Track top course hosting websites as they might seasonally host free courses with certificates. Compile those courses in form of the blog posts, thus contributing an SEO-friendly article.

We have a data scraping team, that retrieves online courses in bulk and import them to the database. So, you will have to review imported data, spin the content (human-readable format), insert pros and cons, and provide ratings/scores from the course reviews.

II) Marketing manager

We need an experienced person who has good knowledge of online marketing, especially social media marketing, email marketing and creating marketing funnels. Moreover, technical knowledge of SEO optimization will be a plus.


We are a startup and have following strategy to utilize the revenue generated:

From the generated profit (100%)= 26.67% (Admin) + 26.67% (Editor) + 26.67% (Manager) and re-invest the remaining amount, about 20% for the site development and maintenance.
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