Best Online Coding Classes for Kids in 2021

To let your kid start learning how to program at an early stage of his life may be your best decision for his successful career. It is a well-known fact that kids learn faster than any grown-up adult. Kids as young as 5 years of age can start coding and learning programming basics. In fact, coding for kids has gained popularity rapidly in recent years as technology becomes increasingly part of everyday life. In this post we have brought you best online coding classes for kids.

coding classes for kids

There are a lot of online learning platforms where you can find coding classes for kids recently we wrote a blog post on best online learning platforms. Moreover, the online learning industry has flourished with the shutdown of schools due to the COVID19 pandemic, investment in education technology had reached $18.66 billion in 2019, and the market of online education is projected to be $350 billion by 2025.

Since the lockdown has turned the physical classroom into a virtual classroom, parents have turned their housebound kids to the online resources to help plan lessons and look for activities that could enhance their kids’ skills. You can find many platforms useful and full of fun online coding courses for your child.

Is there any Future in Coding?

While many online courses focus on general curriculum subjects, not so many specifically aim to motivate kids and older students with computer coding, mostly when more likely to be an after school activity. However, I would say coding and programming are key skills and are in demand, which is expected to increase in the near future. According to the, we need more programmers. There will be 1.4 million programming jobs in the next ten years, but at present, we only have 400K programmers. However, only 1 in 10 schools currently teaches any coding. You can recognize that the students engaged in coding now will always have better potential prospects after they pass out from the school. It could be either for additional education or directly for their professional development.

The online coding classes for kids out there would aim to make learning fun, often achieved through easy to follow video tutorials and simple exercises. It includes animations that cover various coding topics, from CSS animation to parallax scrolling, to website layout, to games and app development, which are aimed at everyone from complete novice to veteran coders.

Here are what we think the best coding classes for kids, popular according to google trends and as rated by consumer review platforms. This list includes both free and paid-for courses; all coding classes for kids contain reliable and trustworthy lessons from experienced coders.

Best Coding Classes for Kids in 2021

1. Khan Academy
3. WhiteHat Jr.
4. Code Academy
5. Tynker
6. Code Avengers
7. Scratch Jr.

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WhiteHat Jr reviews: Best Coding Class for Kids, is it?

After long, careful speculation and reading many WhiteHat Jr reviews, we have finally come up with this informative post. Read this review before ...

Best Coding Classes for Kids in 2021

1. Khan Academy

(AGE: 13+, PRICE: FREE) (Get Free app: Amazon)

Khan Academy offers free content and resources for courses that are not just focused on coding but also have a wide range of subjects from economics to arts, science, and humanities.  For computer programming, Khan Academy has courses in JavaScript, Processing JS, HTML & CSS, HTML & JavaScript and SQL. Moreover, all of those courses are broken up into specific sub-section which are easy to understand. Even the teaching part becomes more interesting as you can hear someone talking while writing the code, which feels natural as if sitting in the physical classroom.

As experts create courses here, they are aimed to build a base for professional-level skills.  The courses are based on self-paced learning and can be watched at any time from anywhere. The course content is straightforward, easy to follow by a talk-through process where a student can pause the video, play with the cod on the screen, and transfer the concepts to simple exercises. Sometimes, mini-quizzes follow a demo, which helps you think about things conceptually and understand what the code is doing a little better.

Also, there are different sections in the courses like “Meet the Professional,” which contains interviews from industry experts worldwide. There is also a community programs area or online forums where students can share projects, leave comments, and ask questions.


– It starts teaching subjects from the 0 level, so it makes your foundation really strong.
– The exercises for students target specific skills and help build student confidence.
Student-centric  platform:
    – Students get instant feedback on their answers, and so they cannot cement wrong procedures.
    – Students are assigned to a very specific exercise or video that they are struggling to review.
    – Thus, students earn points and can upgrade their avatars.


– Could have more courses on certain specific topics
– The videos could be more visually dynamic.

User ratings: Coding classes for kids [20+]
4.4/5 [500+]
4.4/5 [150+]
4.5/5 [170+]


(AGE: 4-14, PRICE: FREE) could be most probably found in the top search results if you are looking for coding classes for kids; is the most frequently used online coding game platform among kids, learners, and teachers as well.

They have conferred their coding curriculum with series of four courses as below that teach computer science fundamentals: 1) Hour of code (one hour tutorial for all ages)  2) CS fundamentals (From Kindergarten to 5th grade)  3) CS Discoveries (Grades 6-10) 4) CS Principles (Grade 9-12).

Several topics are covered; a few of the main areas are Game and App design, Computer drawings, Website creation, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML languages.

You should never miss this website if you are looking for an ideal platform related to coding classes for kids that acquires your child’s attention in programming and IT. You may obtain plenty of useful resources, apps, and inspirational videos on this website for your kid. For more information, visit their blog.


– Focused and engaging activities allow students to work at their own pace and stay challenged.
– A well-planned, -produced, and -curated set of free resources bound to get kids hooked on learning to code.
– It is simple which allows people to learn fast.


– Without guidance, students might choose activities at random instead of following the scaffolded curriculum.
– Very basic skills.

User Ratings: Coding classes for kids [<10]
2.9/5 [<10]

3. WhiteHat Jr

(AGE: 6-17, PRICE: PAID/Free Trial)

WhiteHat Jr is a professional platform that provides 1:1 live coding classes for kids to learn and practice various courses such as application development, games development, etc. They have divided their course structure from Beginner (Grade 1) to Applied Tech (Grade 10+) to better understand the course level suitable for your child.

The initial classes are completely image-based. This means the child doesn’t have to write the code but drag and drop the already written code. This gives an easy entrance into the coding world without having to worry about writing textual bases coding. It can be a disadvantage if your child is already into text-based coding. The coding classes for kids are more of a game based, on a point system to encourage them to attempt. Your kid will get a certificate of course completion at the end of the course, but far more than its value; it ignites the student’s passion.

Though they do a lot of advertising and provide paid classes, you can find their give away free introductory classes. You don’t need a credit card to join. The approximate price for classes can be found here, which range from US$ 249 to US$ 3999.

However, if you are looking for coding classes for kids, there are many free coding platforms where anyone can learn, but then there are libraries too, but not everyone can become knowledgeable. You need to contextualize, hold hands for young kids to help them understand. This is where Whitehat Jr fits in. The teachers are the core of this program.

You can also find more reviews on WhiteHat Jr from parents on the blog and even on quora.


– They provide homework after each assignment, which is checked by teachers, and feedback is provided.
– They have several competitions for coders; anyone can participate, you don’t need to pay.
– They have a dashboard that shows how far the kid has progressed.


– If you face server issues, they will not compensate for the time lost.
– The competition results are not entirely merit-based, as they offer points and gain social shares.

User Ratings: Coding classes for kids [2000+]
4.5/5 [500+]

4. Code Academy

(AGE: 13+, PRICE: FREE, PRO track on subscription)

Codecademy is one of the top-ranking free e-learning resources in the genera of coding classes for kids to learn coding, which can be used for your child once it develops some coding skills primarily from one of the junior coding classes listed in this blog. As said, Codecademy is one of the favorite resources of professional web developers.

It covers courses on how to build a website and a whole slew of related coding languages, including HTML & CSS, Ruby on Rails, Python, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, PHP, and more. It also has projects ranging in difficulty from basic to advanced; what you have to do is start coding by just opening up a free account, watching training videos, and completing a real project.

Generally, your kid can access all courses from Codecademy for free, though it has a paid PRO track that adds a personalized learning plan, quizzes, projects, and access to live advisors. They provide you with basic ideas about all programs so the kids can easily gain their interest in a specific program and make a career in that field. So, for kids dreaming about a job in programming, they can complete a final project in the paid PRO track that covers how to build a professional online portfolio.

Along with the ‘Free’ and ‘Pro’ Plans, there is an ‘Intensive Plan’ that covers an in-depth course that adds Slack community support and 1-3 cumulative projects reviewed by professional developers.


– Codecademy has a basic free plan where you can enjoy interactive lessons and daily practices.
– Codecademy covers such a wide variety of programming languages – 14 in total, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, and many more.
– Badges and streaks are a fun way to keep track of progress.
– Network of community members to support studies.
– After gaining practical experience, you will create your own portfolio-worthy projects to show to potential recruiters.


– Difficult to navigate through tabs and lessons
– No free-trial of paid plans
– Codecademy courses and paths are not accredited, which means its certificates are only proof that you have successfully completed the course.

User Ratings: Coding classes for kids [800+]
4.4/5 [140+]
4.1/5 [140+]

5. Tynker


Tynker is another self-paced online programming course collection in the list of coding classes for kids that has been created for kids to build their own games and apps as well as learn how to program Minecraft mods. It teaches kids the logic of programming using visual blocks of code and actual text-based coding in Javascript, Python, HTML, and CSS.

A collection of courses related to the popular Minecraft game teaches kids about mods and skins, how to create mods, and how to build multiplayer Minecraft games. With a paid subscription, kids have access to their own private Minecraft server, providing a safe environment for them to build mods and then play online with their invited friends.

Kids can drag and drop blocks of code and build things; older students can apply these same lessons while learning real-life programming languages. There are other options as well for coding for kids like Blockly and Thunkable. There is no structured curriculum in Tynker, so kids progress at their own pace. It’s great for kids at any stage in learning to code, whether they are beginners or advanced.

Though you could speak to the student counselors at Coding Elements for a structured learning plan for the child, they will come up with a useful syllabus and learning path based on the child’s comfort level and aptitude. Also, there is a dedicated mentor allocated for each child.

After students finish courses, they can use what they learned to create new projects in the site’s sandbox portion, making any project from Scratch or a template.


– Engaging and varied content, customizable assignments, and integration with popular platforms (Minecraft, Lego WeDo) make coding fun and relatable.


– Instructions are mainly text-based; lessons would reach more learners through a multimodal delivery and more extensive multilingual support.

User Ratings: Coding classes for kids [<10]

6. Code Avengers


Code Avengers also offers self-paced online coding courses like others in this list on coding classes for kids, it teaches how to code or build websites, games, and apps. They have introductory coding lessons for total beginners, or if you have a little prior knowledge, you can start at a higher level. The courses include an introduction to web development and coding in Python, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, and much more.

There’s also a dedicated Junior program dedicated to teaching students under-16s basic programming and computer literacy skills via gamified courses. There are activities for users as young as five! Also, kids have access to online support and technical support. This live help can be lacking in many other self-paced programs.

Moreover, Code Avengers will walk you through each process in a very simple way through step-by-step instructions, beginning with minor tasks, debugging code, and completing challenges. I would say not so tricky that you have to cheat, but not so simple as you’re just copy-pasting. The projects can be created using their cloud platform, and there are certificates available upon completion. There’s also an exclusive Slack channel for support.

They give you a Parent Dashboard, where you can view your children’s progress through the courses, the projects they’ve created, and the concepts they’ve learned. You can start up with seven days trial on each of the courses like Scratch, Python, etc.


– The lessons are consistently rigorous, relevant, and provide many different support options.
– It’s quick and easy to learn the basics, and the interface allows you to track your progress.
– Built-in editor and quizzes.
– They also have lessons dedicated to fixing code and finding bugs, which was a useful skill to work on.


– Students may be put off by the limited graphics, text-based directions, and the sheer difficulty of some lessons.
– The available plans may not fit all families and budgets.
– Could require more time than anticipated.

User Ratings: Coding classes for kids [50+]
4.4/5 [<10]
4/5 [<10]

7. Scratch Jr.

(AGE: 5-16, PRICE: FREE) (Get Free App)

Scratch is its own programming language and consists of graphical coding blocks that snap together; it is designed especially for kids ages 8 to 16. It has a simplified version for younger children, Scratch Jr, for ages 5 to 7. We cannot simply imagine the idea of writing code and executing it correctly for younger kids, as they’re just beginning to learn to read and write. The Scratch Jr’s platform is an elementary school coding program with an icon-driven interface and is a good fit when the goal is just introducing kids to programming concepts. In Scratch Jr’s coding classes for kids, they can program interactive stories and games to solve problems, design projects, and express themselves creatively on the computer.

In addition, Scratch has a large online community where children can program and share interactive media such as stories, games, and animation with people from all over the world. Altogether, Scratch coding is the perfect way for younger kids to develop their problem-solving, communication, and reasoning skills. It doesn’t teach any real coding language, but it’s a stepping stone to computer programming and coding languages.


– Well-designed professional interface and powerful tools provide a fun and effective intro to programming.
– By moving and interacting with the library of kid-friendly characters, users will begin to understand how the commands they put together impact the screen’s activities.
– Users can move characters in any direction, have the character speak, record narration, and choose to hide or show the character.


– The app can be hard for new users to learn without some teacher guidance.
– ScratchJr is only available as an iPad app, and users cannot export their completed projects.

User ratings: Coding classes for kids [<10]

Ignite a Passion for E-Learning in your Kid

Computer programming can be hard to learn. For younger kids, the idea of writing code is far too much to imagine when they’re just beginning to learn to read and write. However, the key to encouraging children to become lifelong learners is to let them drive their own education and pursue learning activities that interest them. Through E-learning, you can keep them engaged; since many kids love to play with technology, you can encourage them to dive into one of the e-learning activities above.

Apart from just learning coding concepts, the above coding classes for kids also let the child do a lot of activities and projects that keep kids engaged. These projects also help your kid develop their creative thinking as well as problem-solving skills. Who knows—they might just become hooked on coding or practicing abstract math!

What are your favorite coding classes for kids? Please share your recommendations in the comments.

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